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WakuWaku Food Box

Bring Waku Waku emotions into your life with Waku Waku mystery box. Waku Waku is a Japanese word to describe pleasant excitement in anticipation of something good coming - and what could be better than a taste of the famous Japanese snacks? From gummies to potato chips, inside the box you can find a random selection of 10 snacks and sweets that are popular in Japan right now. Maybe you can even find taste that you never tried before? Order a box to find out what is waiting inside and experience Waku Waku emotions. It can become a perfect present to your friend or a reward to yourself. What was your favorite item? Don't forget to share it on you social networks by using #wakuwakubox hashtag!

 * Please note that the products in the photo are examples of the contents of the box and may not correspond to the actual products. Please check the product description for details of the content.