The staff from MS MART are not only from Japan but also from different parts of the world. Since living in the home country, we are having the interest and passion toward Japan.
We are now living in Japan and feel exciting about our daily work and life.
The opportunity of opening MS MART is to deliver the WAKUWAKU (excitements) that we feel in our daily life to our users worldwide.

"WAKUWAKU" is a Japanese word that describes excitement, the feeling of being excited and enthused, expecting that happy and enjoyable things will happen.
It means "Exciting feelings" in English, and we would be more than happy if you feel excited when you experience MS MART and open the box you receive.

We named our store "MS" MART, an acronym for Manga Secret, the sister store of MS MART.
Manga Secret shares the Japanese manga culture, while MS MART brings you the excitement of not only Japanese anime and manga, but also a variety of other genres.