Summon the gods!  Come on! Saint Dragon The God of Osiris!

From the classic card game anime series "Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters" comes a figure of one of Yugi's most powerful cards, the "Saint Dragon The God of Osiris". Kotobukiya, the company that has sculpted so many characters from the series, is now releasing a new series of figures based on their ”Jyukou Choudai” line!

The overwhelming scale of the figure is over 40cm, and it is fully expressed in a massive and delicate painting.
The distinctive head with two jaws on top and bottom, the huge wings that cover the sky, the long torso, the sharpened fangs and claws, the dorsal fin and many other parts have been sculpted with the utmost attention to detail!

Together with the 'The Winged Dragon of Ra' and 'Obelisk the Tormentor', which are both available for pre-order at the same time, this is a must-have item for fans who want to revive the excitement of the play that has never faded!

Accessories and Specifications
The head can be moved flexibly by connecting the ball joint.
Arms and legs can be posed at any angle using the axis joints.
A dedicated display stand is included.

What is "Jyukou Choudai"?
It is a series of super-standard, skillfully sculpted and painted expression that is as powerful as the massive scale and the sense of gravity!

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters
Series: Jyukou Choudai
Release month: January 2022
Scale: NON
Product Size: Length: approx. 500mm
Product Specification:PVC painted finished product (partially assembled)

Single Size Conversion

US Sizes 6 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 9 9,5 10 10,5
Euro Sizes 39 39 40 40-41 41 41-42 42 42-43 43 43-44
UK Sizes 5,5 6 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 9 9,5 10
Inches 9.25" 9.5" 9.625" 9.75" 9.9375" 10.125" 10.25" 10.5" 10.625" 10.75"
CM 23,5 24,1 24,4 24,8 25,4 25,7 26 26,7 27 27,3

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