Bags and wallets

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Denim pouch "Studio Ghibli"

A series of denim pouch purses.

The reverse side features a hickory striped pattern.
You can also use your wallet to store small items, coins, and keys.
Thanks to the carabiner, you can attach the pouch to your bag as an amulet.
Inside there is a thin lining, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Size (Totoro): approx. 200 x 135 x 20 mm.
Size (Jiji): approx. 165 x 110 x 20 mm.
Main fabric: Cotton, Polyester /
Carabiner eyelet: Genuine leather /
Carabiner: Zinc Alloy



BORUTO Non-woven Shopper Bag

The durable non-woven shopper bag has a large capacity and a zipper, making it very practical.

Body: W450×H350 mm
Gusset: 130 mm
Material: Non-woven fabric

NARUTO -Sasuke x Itachi- Drawstring bag (with cold insulation function)

Size: W180×H250×D50 mm
Material: Polyester, Aluminium evaporation

Cloth cover сardholder. "Kiki's Delivery Service" (with reel)

Cloth pouch for the pass with motifs from Studio Ghibli's famous Kiki's Delivery Service.

The design is based on a calm red color, the cover perfectly fits for everyday use.
Antique gold Gigi charm accents the zip closure.

Thanks to the presence of the reel, you can deliver and use the pass without unhooking it from the bag.


Product size: Height 100 x Length 115 x Width 8 mm
Main fabric: cotton, linen
Handle (loop): synthetic leather

Cloth cover сardholder. "My Neighbor Totoro" (with reel)

Forest print on canvas cardholder from Studio Ghibli's famous "My Neighbor Totoro".

Vinyl coating applied to the back of the cotton fabric protects the case against stains.
With the a calm pastel color scheme, it is great for everyday use.
A convenient case to hold cards or transport pass. It can be attached to a bag or backpack and used without removing it from the case.

Product size: Height110 x Length78 x Width3mm
Material: cotton (vinyl coated on the outside)


Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Slayer Tote Bag

A canvas tote bag that is easy for daily use,
Designed with motifs and colors inspired by characters.

[Size] Length about 37 cm x Width about 36 cm x gusset about 11 cm
[Material] 100% cotton
[Specifications] Silk printing

Eco-bag for FukuFukuNyanko

Eco-friendly mini-sized bag, convenient for shopping at grocery stores. It has light material and can be easily folded and carried around. The wide bottom makes it easy to carry your dinners with you! And also the eco-bag is perfect to take with you during your lunch break for shopping. It's so lightweight that you don't have to worry about carrying it around every day as an extra bag. Tricolor Michelangelo, beige Chachamaru, or gray-blue Hatch, which cat will you go shopping with?


Eco bag: L 45 x W 25.5 x Gusset 10.5 cm
Bag case size: 12 x 10 cm
Material: polyester






Eco-bag "Animarshe" that can keep warm and cold

Eco-bag that keeps both cold and warmth in the form of images of cute animals. Due to the folded structure, it can be easily folded compactly, which is convenient for storage. The compact size is very helpful when shopping in the supermarket. An added bonus is the cute look: cute prints with birds, cats and otters.


W44 x D14 x H39 / handle 47 cm / 100% polyester


Pink with birds

Yellow with birds

Blue with a cat

Dark blue with otters


Fuku Fuku Nyanko Multi-Case for Charger

Soft-touch phone charger case for gentle storage. There is a hole for the cable, so you can use it when the charger is in your bag. There is a separate pockets inside, so it is convenient to use it not only for storing the battery, but also for headphones, cables, cards, medicines, etc.

[Characteristics] Size (approx.): 13 x 17 cm.






Cute eco-bag

When folded, the bag turns into a cute animal! Eco Bag Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles ★

Easy to use and easy to store, just roll up compactly. Since it is attached to the bag with a storage pouch, you don't have to worry about losing it. It is compact when folded and is easy to carry, and is recommended as an extra bag for leisure or when you have a lot of luggage.

Bag Size: Approx. 37 x 57 cm.
Bag Case Size: Approx. W9 x H9 x D6 cm.
Weight: about 30g Material: polyester


Red panda


Black cat