Kitchen Goods

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Orange & Citrus Fruit Peel

With this peeling blade, you can easily peel any citrus fruit. Now making desserts and snacks became easier!


Size: 72mm x 32mm x 23mm Weight: 13g Compound: Body: Polypropylene. Metal part: Stainless steel blade. *Can be washed in the dishwasher


Hello Kitty logo mini pancake pan

Have fun making pancakes with the cute Hello Kitty face! With their compact size, they can be enjoyed both by adults and children.

- The surface of the frying pan is treated with silicone resin, which makes it difficult to burn and also facilitates the cleaning process.

- Thanks to its compact size, you can bake a lot more stuff and decorate the Hello Kitty logo in every way!



Body: iron.

Surface: Silicone resin coating.

Handle: phenolic resin.

Size (approx.): 25.8cm x 11.7cm x 2cm.


"Shark" hand towel

A hand towel shaped like a shark! You can put your hand inside so that cleaning your room would become a fun activity! An unusual shaped microfiber towel (85% polyester, 15% nylon) with excellent water absorption. Ideal as a gift idea.



"Great white shark": Length: 33cm, Width: 3cm, Height: 17cm

"Whale shark": Length: 33cm, Width: 3cm, Height: 15cm "

Whale": Length: 31cm, Width: 3cm, Height: 17cm

Compound: Polyester, Nylon


Great white shark

Whale shark