A soup with the umami of meat and the sweetness of vegetables. This is a condensed soup. The juicy aroma and richness of the soup matches the crispy and light texture of the potato chips for an unbeatable taste.



Potatoes (Japanese or American), Vegetable Oil, Chicken Consomme Powder (Including Wheat, Soybeans and Pork), Sugar, Salt, Dextrin, Starch, Powdered Soy Sauce, Powered Sauce (Including Apples), Onion Extract Powder, Spices, Beef Consomme Powder, Vegetable Powder (Tomatoes and Carrots), Tomato Extract Powder, Flavored Chicken Oil, Plum Powder; Seasonings (Amino Acids, etc.), Essence (Including Sesames), Carmel Pigment, Acidic Ingredients, Paprika Pigment, Sweetener (Stevia), Spice Extract, Monascus Color


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Wheat, Beef, Sesame, Soybean, Chicken, Pork, Apple





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