Popular series of insect repellents Barusan. You can register with a QR code, and receive an email notification when it is time to replace the cartridge. Safe and simple. An insect repellent that has a protective effect while indoors. The repellent is easy to use because it does not require fire, batteries or an outlet. Effective for about 270 days. Possesses long-term repelling and destruction of insects. Silent type with fanless motor. Ideal for bedrooms and quiet spaces. Get rid of indoor flying pests in a simple and easy way! Prevents insects from entering the room, creates a quiet and pleasant atmosphere just by being in the room. The figurine of a bear with insect repellent can also be placed by the window, in the hallway, in the bedroom, in the toilet, in the living room. The product will perfectly fit into any interior without giving the appearance that it is a repellent.


Brand: Barusan.
Dimensions: width 80mm x height 86mm x depth 105mm
Target pests: Chironomus
Title: Insect repellent (indoor).
White color
Effect / effectiveness: insect repellent / insect extermination.
Aroma: odorless
Ingredient: Metofluthrin (pyrethroid)
Valid: 270 days
Places for location: living room, hallway, nursery, bedroom, toilet.

[Precautionary measures]
* Be sure to check the item you received.
・ Do not use for any purpose other than the intended one.
・ Do not remove the mesh from the cartridge.
・ Do not place this product near the aquarium where aquarium fish live, and do not put this product in the aquarium.
・ The effect of this product usually lasts 270 days, but may end earlier depending on the conditions of use.
・ Store in a cool place, out of reach of children and pets, away from fire, direct sunlight and places with high temperatures.

[Terms of use]
* Be sure to check the item you received. Insect repellent and control. Just leave the item where you want to get rid of the insects.

Single Size Conversion

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Euro Sizes 39 39 40 40-41 41 41-42 42 42-43 43 43-44
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Inches 9.25" 9.5" 9.625" 9.75" 9.9375" 10.125" 10.25" 10.5" 10.625" 10.75"
CM 23,5 24,1 24,4 24,8 25,4 25,7 26 26,7 27 27,3

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